Artist Submissions

globalFEST tickets are now on sale! $40 Pre-Sale ends Nov 15th after which General Admission tickets are $45 or $40 for APAP attendees.

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Astrid Hadad

Extravagant Mexican cabaret with soulful songs and outrageous visuals

  • Website
  • Video
  • Booking: Earl Dax, DAX MGMT |


Russian mafia ballads get a New Orleans punk makeover

  • Website
  • Video
  • Booking: Ben Kelly, Fli Artists |


Masterful dancer Melaku Belay leads Ethiopia’s traditional music revival

  • Website
  • Video
  • Booking: Lynne Williamson |


Vintage Paris chic meets New York cool in swinging electro-beats

  • Website
  • Video
  • Booking: Mel Puljic, FLi Artists |

Lakou Mizik

Powerhouse collective invigorating Haitian roots and grooves

  • Website
  • Video
  • Booking: Matt Greenhill & Mel Puljic, FLi Artists |,

Mariana Sadovska

Defiant cry of Ukraine, reinventing traditional songs

  • Website
  • Video
  • Booking: Birgit Ellinghaus |

Music Maker Blues Revue

Blues That Made America Famous

(Featuring Pat “Mother Blues” Cohen, Alabama Slim, Robert Finley, Lil’ Joe Burton, Albert White, Nashid
Abdul Khaaliq, and Ardie Dean)

  • Website
  • Video
  • Booking: Aaron Greenhood |

Simon Shaheen’s Zafir

A reuniting of Arab Andalucian music and fiery flamenco

  • Website
  • Video
  • Booking: Steve Heath, Alma Artist Booking |


Lush Afrobeat inspired jazz, soul, and pop

  • Website
  • Video
  • Booking: Michelle Coe, MAPP International Productions |

Stelios Petrakis Quartet

Inimitable virtuosos from Crete weaving melodies across the Greek islands

  • Website
  • Video
  • Booking: Matt Greenhill, Fli Artists |

The Dhol Foundation

UK’s leading South Asian bhangra crew

  • Website
  • Video
  • Booking: Jaswinder Singh, Asian Arts Agency |

Tribu Baharú

Afro-champeta party from Colombia’s Caribbean coast

  • Website
  • Video
  • Booking: Raul Cuza, Cuza Agency |

Take Me To The Campaign

Join a bevy of world music fans, tastemakers, music professionals, journalists and more for a night of musical surprises at one of today’s most pioneering music festivals. Your ticket to the show is guaranteed through your contribution. As our main annual fundraiser, your support of globalFEST via Indiegogo plays a crucial role in our success each year.

This year’s groundbreaking 3-stage, 12-band world music festival on January 17 hits the historic Webster Hall in New York City and we’re especially excited about our outstanding line-up! As one of the most influential events in North America and the premier gateway for emerging and established artists from around the world, gF’s success stories continue to grow. Crowdfunding has made this possible.

globalFEST sells out in advance each year – this Indiegogo is the best way to secure your ticket.

Your contribution directly supports cultural understanding through music, by helping to launch global artists into the North American touring market via globalFEST, an artist-centric organization dedicated to projects that help international artists develop sustainable careers. Find out about all the work we do here

“gF started as an antidote to xenophobic sentiments in the U.S. and around the world in 2002; the first globalFEST took place in 2003. Through the support of our colleagues, forward-thinking funders, and engaged fans, we have grown to become an internationally recognized, agile, and responsive organization. gF invests its limited resources and leverages partnerships strategically in tireless pursuit of our mission to serve artists, the performing arts field, and the general public. Thank you for supporting our work–none of this is possible without you.”

Peace through music,

Shanta Thake, Isabel Soffer and Bill Bragin Co-Directors

What you get back when you give?

Ticket sales cover only a fraction of what it costs to produce the event and worldwide fan support is critical–to the artists and to globalFEST! Campaign funds help globalFEST to cover ever-increasing costs and a modest ticket price encourages audiences to take a chance on new and revelatory artists–that’s part of our mission too!

Every contribution to this campaign comes with a perk–from the Official gF Mixtape, artist services, hoodies, concert tickets and VIP access. What’s the best part? A $60 donation is also your ticket to globalFEST on January 17.

Become a gF insider! For $125, you’ll be in-the-know on the lineup before it hits the press and the general public! We’re giving you a limited edition beanie at this level too. What’s even better? We want you to bring a new friend to globalFEST this year and so we’ve included an extra ticket at the $175 level.

The more you give, the better it gets–check out the $250 and up benefits for extra special perks, VIP access, and a globalFEST zip-up hoodie. Donors of $1,000 will receive a signed print by gF illustrator Michael Arthur or gF photographer Kevin Yatarola (as well as reserved balcony access and reserved seating room in the Marlin Room throughout the night). For $5,000, you can ‘adopt a tour’ and put your name on a globalFEST artist’s North American tour!

Your Support Will…

Your support will ensure this year’s festival maintains its standard of excellence–the stellar reputation of globalFEST over the last decade has supported the careers of every artist we’ve presented. This year, if we make our goal of $25,000, additional funds will support gF artists through the gF Touring Fund grant program.

As gF continues to reach new heights, the importance of our annual crowdfunding campaign has grown. We thank you for your past and present generosity–we know that for many of you, your donation to globalFEST is a gift from one friend to another. Support from this campaign goes directly to gF programs that support artists.


About globalFEST

globalFEST(gF) was founded with a mission to foster cultural exchange and to increase the presence of world music in diverse communities in the United States. gF’s programs aim to move world music to the center of the performing arts field.

gF has evolved from a singular festival into a year-round service organization for cultural curators, global music artists, and the live music industry. gF is led by Bill Bragin (The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi), Isabel Soffer (Live Sounds) and Shanta Thake (Joe’s Pub).

gF’s activities include…

  • globalFEST Flagship/Showcase
  • globalFEST Touring Fund
  • globalFEST On The Road including our first national 38 city tour Creole Carnival
  • Co-producing a World Music Pre-conference at APAP
  • Cross-over curation curation at major festivals such as SXSW & Bonnaroo 2015